Norman reedus who is he dating

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It's what happened after that we're still not sure how to feel about.

As they sat down for a meal, Carol burst into tears and asked Daryl if the Saviors came to Alexandria, if they hurt anyone.

The couple all but confirmed their relationship as they were spotted kissing in New York on 21 March.

And in that moment, Daryl made the decision to keep Carol in the dark about Glenn and Abraham's murders, telling her that Rick and the gang won.

On the one hand, it's sweet that he's trying to protect his friend from the savagery that everyone else is still struggling to recover from. Something tells us she won't be too pleased with her pal when that time comes.

“I’m like that weird old cat lady.” It wasn’t always that way.

From 1998 to 2003, he dated model Helena Christensen, whom he met through a mutual friend, photographer Yelena Yemchuk. “She’s really smart and we laugh at the same crap.” In December, he was seen holding hands with 20-year-old model Cecilia Singley. These days, when he’s not spending time slaughtering the undead or taking photos (he published a book of his work last fall), he’s lying low with his black cat, Eye in the Dark.

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“People think I’m this angry, surly, ready-to-start-a-fight guy, but I’m kind of a pussycat,” he tells The Post. Fans of the show are rabid, to say the least — and, as it turns out, opinionated. It’s not a lawyer show.’ ” Fans are also insistent that his character hook up, particularly with Carol (Melissa Mc Bride), a character whose husband abused her until a zombie ate him. It is the end of the world, and I think you get love where you can find it.” That’s maybe not so different from Reedus’ own reality.