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When inadvertently accessed, prohibited offensive and illegal content can be highly distressing – especially for children.Internet content is regulated by the Office of the Children’s e Safety Commissioner (the Office) under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (Cth).After a year, she moved back home."It was much too expensive on my own," she said."And when my parents kind of made it OK for me to move back home, I took them up on that offer."Ms Tremayne is what academics have dubbed a "Boomerang" kid — a young adult who returns home after leaving.Our costumes are all genuine licensed product, sourced from Australia and around the world.We have fantastic brands, including famous names such as Frozen, Batman, Superman, Captain America and Disney Princesses.We cater for many costume events, including birthdays, christmas, halloween, book week, purim, sporting events (like Rugby and Cricket) and more.With our range of over 10,000 items we have a costume for everyone, no matter what your age.

Toni Makkai Director Children are growing up with computers.The Office has powers to take down prohibited offensive and illegal online content hosted in Australia.In order to keep the internet safe for all users, you should report prohibited online content. Prohibited offensive online content is content that would be classified X18 or RC (refused classification) by the Classification Board.Shawnee Tremayne could not wait to move out of the family home at the age of 19.She was starting studies at Melbourne's La Trobe University and was excited to be moving in to a share house as she began life as an independent adult.

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Some online content is prohibited under Australian law because it is offensive or illegal.

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