Dating the book of acts

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Dating the book of acts

\r\n\r\n If Luke had caught up in time with Paul so that the apostle was awaiting trial in Rome at the time of writing and if the \u201cwe sections\u201d are an indication of personal involvement, then Luke was with Paul when he wrote the book.

\r\n\r\n\r\n Destination \r\n\r\n While specifically addressed to Theophilus, it is very likely Luke had a target audience beyond Theophilus.

This section discusses ancient artifacts and the writings of Josephus that verify Luke to be a credible historian and author.

If Luke wrote it, you can depend on it because Luke checked it out. Luke writes of James as being the brother of Jesus as well as the leader of the early Christians in Acts , , and . Luke writes that his sources were people who knew Jesus.

\r\n\r\n The book of Acts also leaves us longing to know how the story finished after the end of the book since Paul remained under arrest in Rome awaiting trial.\r\n\r\n Authorship\r\n\r\n Luke, the beloved physician, was identified as the author of both the Gospel and the book of Acts.

Since the book of Acts ends with Pauls's first stay in prison in Rome, with no date set for his trial, and the persecutions of Christians by Nero (A. 64) not having yet taken place, it could not have been written any later than A.

The ossuary supports Luke's credibility since the artifact uses the same words as Luke to describe James. "Just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word" (Luke 1:2).

This challenges the Q-source theory of modern scholars, which claims that Luke learned about Jesus from reading what others wrote of him.

KEY FACTS\r\n\r\n Author: Luke\r\n\r\n Date: Early 60s\r\n\r\n Provenance: Rome\r\n\r\n Destination: Theophilus \r\n\r\n Purpose: A defense of the Christian faith showing the expansion of the early church from a Jewish sect to a worldwide movement\r\n\r\n Theme: Salvation history: the birth and mission of the early church\r\n\r\n Key Verse: 1:8\r\n\r\n INTRODUCTION\r\n\r\n The book of Acts is the account of a grand adventure, taking us from Palestine to the center of the Gentile world: Rome.

\r\n\r\n Along the way, it includes the exciting story of encounters with hostile people and governments; sailing adventures and shipwrecks, and even courtroom dramas.

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