Dating old postcards uk

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Dating old postcards uk

If the postcards have the name of either the photographer or publisher on them, you at least have something with which to track down the current owner of the copyright - say a relative or heir.But as I think you have already discovered, things are more complicated than that!When I started, I believed these images to be in the public domain because of their age but now I'm told that some form of retrospective copyright may be in force. Depending on the answer to the above, I'm also interested in what rights, if any, people have who may have published these images on their own websites or in "your city in old photos" style books. The basic rule on copyright material* in the UK is that the period of copyright runs for 70 years from the end of the year in which the author/photographer dies.I am frequently plagued by people claiming they published the image first thus have some rights ...... So realistically all the pictures you are dealing with still be in copyright.

I am confused about what the copyright law is relating to using these images in this way.

This card was posted in 1926 but it is a much earlier Chromolithograph overprinted with a Christmas(? "At 11 I went out in gondola to the Caterina to meet Mr Arbib & see Mme Emetaz who is going to open for him an Anglo Italian Pension It is the place (rebuilt now) where Ruskin used to stay when he came to Venice to write his Stones of Venice. A Real Photo postcard can either have a glossy or matt surface.

) greeting, December 1907, from a Mme Emetaz.26 March 1906 Ca Capello, Venice. Chromo-Litho cards are none of the above but are high quality cards printed by a method that layers down solid colours, the design being first etched onto a limestone block, different stones (as many as 15! Again, these can easily be distinguished under magnification, as seen at right.

The difference between a Real Photographic postcard (RPPC) and a printed one (made up of dots), is easily seen under magnification - as I have illustrated below (New Brighton Lighthouse).

These are mostly pre-WWI and printed in 'Old Germany', e.g. For even greater magnification of a Chromo card see the da Vinci card above on this page.

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There are of course stray cards which were probably inscribed many months after they were printed and other inscriptions may be inaccurate but there are enough clues to indicate there is information of value here.