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Although we get an overview of the unfolding of this controversies in the 19 century, we soon grasp that this new book from 2014 is primarily intended to be part in the scholarly debate, which has waxed and waned since 1981, when a conference took place in Toronto, which later came to be known as “The Scandal in Toronto” [1].

At this conference a wide variety of dates for the composition of the poem of Beowulf ranging from the end of the 7were put forward.

This bibliography aims to list the most important and most useful secondary literature about Beowulf, as well as articles particularly relevant to the edited excerpts.

'Beowulf Come Lately: Some Notes on the Palaeography of the Nowell Codex.' Archiv fur das Studium der Neueren Sprachen und Literaturen 225.1 (1988): 49-63.

Weils image of the lightheartedness of warriors with nothing but space to oppose them is relevant to modern armies that believe themselves physically and morally superior to an untested enemy.

Boydell and Brewer 2014 ISBN: 9781843843870In 1815 the poem, Beowulf, was first published.

Whether by evil intent or not, the result was a profound tectonic shift in the understanding of the poem, which through these machinations was handed over to a long series of literary critics of all ilks and genders.

Now the time had come to explore the poetic qualities of the poem without having to consider its “Sitz im Leben”, its cultural context or even worse, come to grips with the complicated evidence presented by the linguistic, philological, phonological, palaeographical or metrical experts, who had for a long time plodded ahead trying to understand this enigmatic and beautiful poem in its cultural and historical context.

However true this maybe, I think Tolkien is talking about something different.

Thursday, May 08, 2003 I have officially ended the Senior Project part of my Beowulf site, but I will continue my research - as a hobby.

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'Wiþ earm gesæt: Beowulf's hammerlock', Modern Philology 67 (1970), 364-366.

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