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(BTW, my friend advised me not to contact people on a Friday or Saturday night because it will appear that I do not have a social life.) So far, I have not received any responses.

Perhaps they are not interested, or some may wait a little before replying as to not appear overinterested, or they may be currently in a relationship. However, I do think it is easier for women when we are younger because men do most of the "work," but more difficult for women as we get older because the selection of men is limited due to age constraints (and because men prefer younger women).

Only knowing what dating is like from a woman’s standpoint, I have to say that it’s easier for men. Cash Mc Mogulson Syndrome: This fictitious character, originally created by Katherine Harper, truly fits the stereotype of the majority of Dallas men I know (and some I’ve dated) that could possibly be THE Cash Mc Mogulson. They love to hang out at the see and be seen hot spots in Dallas, especially cheesy clubs where they can show off how cool they are because their name is on some VIP list. Congratulations, some door guy in Dallas knows your name. So many men in Dallas suffer from the Cash Mc Mogulson syndrome that the good girls intimidate them.

Dallas guys seem to be the most pretentious, arrogant, self-centered, and materialistic men I’ve ever met. When Cash and Peter date these triple treats (such as myself) they figure out pretty quickly that she’s too smart to put up with their BS.

This may explain why we are so clueless at what we are doing in bed, but we act like we know. Some people turn into a completely different person when they are drunk.

Let the other person learn about you while you're sober, before you get wasted with them. I've always been the type of guy who appreciates a natural look as it is, and when a girl does her makeup well, the results can be magical.

It's nice to hear nothing but your lover's breath against the backdrop of the evening or early morning.

Here are a few reasons why dating is a woman's game and why that's not such a great thing after all. I have a theory that if a Dallas guy is not married by the time he’s 35, he will NEVER settle down. How many men do you know in their late 30’s to 40’s who live at some luxury high-rise, party 3-4 nights a week (if not more) and are seen in every D Mag party pic with different girls on a weekly basis? Girls (young, dumb, naïve, bimbo, money-hungry girls) throw themselves as these Peters all the time.(Then again, just because a guy wants to date a younger girl, doesn't necessarily mean she wants to date him!)As a woman over 30, I decided to try to get to the bottom of this conundrum by asking a series of straight, unmarried men in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s to find out why some actually prefer to date “older” women.

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So who has it easier in the dating world - men or women?