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Aaron, who is the younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, was dating Lizzie Mc Guire star Duff for three years, but reportedly peppered the romance with bouts of cheating with a pre-Oprah Lindsay.The couple broke up in 2003, and sensible Hilary hasn't responded to her ex's bizarre tweets.Aaron and Madison look super in love throughout the entire thing and the way they look each other in the eye just shows the world how head over heels they are!We've decided to round up some screen shots of Aaron's Snap story to show more of his fans what a great place his love life is in right now.November 2007 - November 2007Brooke and Aaron were rumored to be dating after they were spotted together in Vegas, and gave off a "flirty vibe." Apparently Aaron tried to date the reality star and singer a few years prior to this event, but her dad kicked him out of her house.

But now the teen heartthrob has gone one step further than emotional tweets – announcing his love to the American press. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, host Rob Marciano asked the 26-year-old whether he still loved Hilary – to which Aaron replied: "Absolutely." The loved-up singer continued: "I don't know who she is today, she doesn't know who I am today, but I would sweep her off her feet if I ever got a chance to again and fix what I did wrong.""What he did wrong" was allegedly cheating on Hilary with her teen rival Lindsay Lohan.

Whether the intimacy shown is an act or something more, we can’t say.

The first photo was captioned with only a heart emoji.

I'm constantly misunderstood and judged for my past, I'm a really sensitive guy and yes jealous and insecure at times cause I know I'm a skinny dude all of the anxiety stuff ...' He went on to his followers in the open letter on Twitter L 'You should never be with someone who tells you to 'shut the f--- up' because your annoyed cause you couldn't talk to them for 7 hours when Im NOT even being disrespectful myself.

The brother of Backstreet Boys Nick Carter again used social media to say he was ok and explain what he meant: Everything i say gets so twisted and judged by many people all the time, it's outlandish.

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Honestly, who would believe that there isn't a Lindsay Lohan celebrity sex tape by now?

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